Nightmare Magazine, issue 94

Nightmare Magazine, Issue 94 (July 2020)Nightmare Magazine, Issue 94 by John Joseph Adams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Carlie St. George’s “Spider Season, Fire Season” is the stand-out story of this issue for me – the intersection of domestic violence, ghosts, spiders, and setting operated together in some serious spooky action. Adam R. Shannon’s “We Came Home from Hunting Mushrooms” is a tight slice of tragedy. I’ve never really read Joe R. Lansdale before, and was surprised how much I liked the creepy thrill of the classic horror chase in “The Folding Man,” when I usually avoid stories about inexhaustible relentless pursuit. Ama Patterson’s “Hussy Strutt” was too real to read, and oh so important for the same reason. I’m glad it ended with empowerment, and I’m sad that Patterson is gone.

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