California Bones – Greg Van Eekhout

California Bones (Daniel Blackland, #1)California Bones by Greg Van Eekhout

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In the 3 years since I first read this book, I forgot just about everything between the beginning and the end, so it was like reading it all for the first time, and I enjoyed it just as much this time around. Osteomancy is such a cool kind of magic, both in concept and execution, as it presents real dangers and goes uncomfortable places. Van Eekhout’s fun and zippy heist story is the frosting over a darkly-flavored cake of two characters making bold and difficult choices to change their own lives and the lives of everyone around them, with a jam-filling layer of magic-as-metaphor for how we use fossil fuels.

And now I really want a piece of cake, but then, when do I not?

Now that I finally have books 2 and 3, I’m excited to see where Daniel and Gabriel go next.

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