Current project: Beautiful Souls shawl

My current crochet project is my first shawl and my first Madeline Tosh yarn! I am making the Beautiful Souls shawl by Ravelry designer CJ Brady. My yarn of choice is Madeline Tosh Eleven Dark (from the Stranger Things Collection) and Good Silence. (I am dying over the name Good Silence, and also over the purple speckles. My phone camera and lackluster photography skills do not show off the gorgeous colorwork of Eleven Dark, either.) I am excited to see this shawl take shape, and I’m hoping I can complete it within the next two weeks so I can wear it at the World Fantasy Convention in Baltimore. Preferably over my new Shirley Jackson Haunting of Hill House t-shirt.

I’ll need a new project I can work on while listening to panels at the convention. That requires a pattern I can do without looking at the instructions for every round, and without counting every stitch. Luckily, I told half my family I would make them hats for Christmas, and I have a go-to pattern that will be perfect.

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